Banaspati Ghee a friend or foe

Banaspati Ghee is an item which you can find almost in every kitchen of Pakistan. Banaspati ghee is hydrogenated refined oil. It promotes intellect, is good for bone health and digestion of food. It has an abundance of saturated fatty acids that are easy to digest.

Let’s talk about some other health benefits of Banaspati ghee.

Ghee is rich in oil-soluble vitamin A & E, K2 etc.

Ghee is ideal for various cooking such as sweets, traditional dishes, deep-frying, baking, etc.

Ghee provides nutrition by detoxifies the whole body.

Ghee contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids which are good for the functioning of the heart and brain.

Ghee contains 62% of saturated fats.

Ghee increase body resistance to various infections.

Doesn’t it make you fat?

If eaten in excess, yes it does. That being said, even if you eat other healthy foods like avocados or nuts in excess, the same will happen because they are high in calories. One tablespoon of ghee containing 112 calories, so if you’re eating one paratha made with one tablespoon of Banaspati ghee it’s definitely not going to affect your waistline.

Check on your Banaspati ghee:

To check that whether your ghee is pure or not you can apply these tests at home:

Palm test: Take a teaspoon of ghee at palm and if ghee melts in your palm by itself, then it is pure. Pure ghee melts on the body temperature.

Heat Test: One of the simplest methods you can use to find impurity of ghee is by heating a teaspoon of ghee. If ghee melts immediately and turns dark brownish, then it is pure ghee. If it takes time to melt and turns into yellow, then it is adulterated.

So by performing these simple tests at home, you can easily find that the ghee you purchased is adulterated or not. These adulterants have dangerous effects on health so please aware of the ghee you are consuming as it is an important part of our diet.


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